About Us

Irish Art Sellers is an online platform to facilitate the direct sale of visual art by the original artist to the public.

The platform was launched in February, 2019 as an enhancement to the services offered by The New Irish Art Project which launched it's online operation in March, 2000.

In response to requests from some of the 750+ artists showing their work on the New Irish Art platform, we decided to launch this website using tried and tested technology that ensures safe, secure online transactions with a view to delivering the best experience and value for money option for online art sales.

Here is a reference to the about section from the New Irish Art website.

Since our launch on March 28th, 2000, the NewIrishArt website has pioneered the online presentation of original artwork of and about Ireland.

Operating as an open platform, NewIrishArt assists artists by leveraging Internet technology so that their work can be exposed to the largest audience.

Following academic research [TCD, 2004/2005] into the way the Internet might benefit the arts sector in Ireland (encompassing the Artist Workflow, Universal Service and ICT Convergence) the purpose of the website was refined to three primary goals...

1. Support visual artists by helping to get their work seen.

2. Increase the enjoyment of (visual) arts.

3. Encourage participation in (visual) arts

Professional, amateur and emerging artists are equally supported and welcome to share the New Irish Art platform.

The idea is simple and the operation is performed with dedication and professionalism by the New Irish Art Project team.

A number of testimonials are published on the website to indicate what impact our work has had and how it benefits the arts community.

More than 750 artists show their artwork on NewIrishArt and an audience of thousands visits the website every week to enjoy the work on display. Because of the fundamental quality and richness of content, leading Internet search engines consistently rank NewIrishArt very highly.

We owe our continuing success to hard work and dedication, to all of the artists who show their artwork and to the many art lovers who visit to NewIrishArt to enjoy it.