Buyers FAQ

Irish Art Sellers is part of The New Irish Art Project which has been in operation online to provide presentation and promotion services to artists since March, 2000. It operates the presentation and promotion under the website, is the sales channel provided as part of that service.

The primary goal of this part of the project is to make art buyers happy.

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions from buyers...

  • Do you ship to International destinations?

Some sellers do not wish to ship to International destinations but we will ensure that you are made aware of this during the ordering process. We always contact the seller in the first instance to check on the availability of the artwork (and whether it may be shipped to your destination) before proceeding with the sales process.

We advise that certain extra charges may be applicable for International shipments, these include customs and other tariffs which are outside the control of the seller. You should find out whether such charges are applicable in your local area before committing to the purchase of artwork on Irish Art Sellers.

  • What kind of artwork do you sell?

We usually sell original paintings only. At some point we may extend this to offer sculptures and other forms of artwork, including prints. That would be reflected in these notes whenever it happens.

  • Who am I buying the artwork from?
The artwork is offered for sale by the artist, all orders will go to the artist to be filled and the artwork will be delivered from the artist's studio to you direct.

  • When will my order be delivered?

All orders made on this website are subject to the availability of the artwork, as soon as your order has been placed we will check with the seller that the artwork is available and ready for shipping. We will email you with a confirmation or return your payment depending on this availability.

  •  How do I return an artwork?

You must notify us within 14 days if you decide to return the artwork, send an email to including your reason for the return. Any returns must be wrapped in the same packing in which they were dispatched to you. Returns must be made directly back to the sellers address and care taken to ensure that the artwork is securely wrapped and tracked on delivery. Only when the artwork has been received back at the artist's address will we be able to make a full refund on the payment made. Artwork returned will be usually at the cost (shipping, insurance, packing) to the buyer, furthermore, the seller's cost on the original shipping may be deducted from the payment made to cover their costs.

  • How do I know that the artwork is original?

All artwork presented for sale on the Irish Art Sellers website is submitted by the artist as their own work, when an artwork is shipped the artist will provide proof, either in the form of a signature on the piece or/and a Certificate of Authenticity with the delivery.