Sellers FAQ

Irish Art Sellers is part of The New Irish Art Project which has operated online to provide presentation and promotion services to artists since March, 2000. It manages the presentation and promotion of visual art by artists living in and otherwise associated with Ireland under the website,

With Irish Art Sellers we want to simplify the sale of original art online for the artist. We wish to build on the success of the New Irish Art project in a way that makes the most of the technology and the community for each individual artist. 

When every online offer seems to suggest that anyone can go it alone and make a success, we take the pain out of the day to day management of the online sales platform. Making the most of the technology often means it's better to work together as there is strength in numbers. 

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions from sellers...


  • Who can sell artwork on this platform?

At present, only artists who are currently showing their work on the New Irish Art platform are invited to sell their work here. In the current phase of the sales site, we are aiming to enhance our service to the 750+ artists who have supported the New Irish Art project for so long.


  • Are There any rules?

Yes, the main 3 are...

    1. The artwork must NOT be on offer anywhere else at a lower price
    2. The artwork must be original
    3. You must inform us if an artwork is no longer available for purchase


  • How do I get my artwork offered for sale here?
Send an email to

  • What share of sales does the artist/seller get?
The service operates on the Margin Scheme and will retain 20% of the sale price as commission. The Margin Scheme means that the artist will be responsible for any VAT due on their part of the sale (80%) while we will be responsible for the VAT on the commission (20%) part of the sale.


  • What about shipping costs?

We suggest that artists include the standard costs of shipping, including insurance and packing, in the prices set for the artwork. Ready estimates for shipping based on size, weight and destination can be ascertained online at and several alternative Currier companies.


  • Does the artist do the shipping to all destinations?

Yes, though the artist will be given confirmation that an order has been made and details of the prospective buyer's address. Once the artist/seller has agreed to the sale and commits to shipping, the order will be confirmed and the sale will proceed. 


  • Why should an artist trust this platform to make sales on it's behalf?

Our involvement in the Irish art sector started almost 20 years ago with the launch on the New Irish Art Project, this part of that project was setup in part to provide funding to keep the project going and in part to provide revenue for the further development of online systems that support the presentation, promotion and sale of original Irish art. We ask to be judged on our performance.